OR: Break-in at North Lincoln County Community Health Center Clinic

Here’s one I missed last week, from The NEWSGuard:

 “It feels really not good and it is a violating feeling to have someone break into your clinic,” said Gretchen Gantz, HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer for Lincoln County Health and Human Services.

Her statement follows the break-in of the North Lincoln County Community Health Center Clinic at 4422 N.E. Devils Lake Blvd., in Lincoln City.

“Plus we now have the added expenses of having to replace things that are grant funded. We run on a shoestring budget, so it is hard when you have a hit like that,” said Gantz.

During the evening of April 17, the Clinic and surrounding offices in the same building, were broken into by an unknown person or persons, according to a release from Casey Miller, Lincoln County public information officer. Locked doors, rooms and cabinets were forcibly entered. Money was taken from the clinic, but it appears no other records or materials were removed. No electronic devices were taken or accessed. However, the locked room which contains medical charts for clients was breached.

These files contain protected health information and may also contain information such as social security numbers and personal financial information. Lincoln County has identified and notified the clients whose protected health information and personal information was in those files.

“In accordance with law and standard practices in these situations we are notifying clients of this breach of our security because this information potentially could be compromised, ” said Casey. “The charts have been secured and security at the clinic is being enhanced. At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that there was an attempt to obtain or use any protected health or personal information.”

Read more on The NEWSGuard.

h/t, HealthITSecurity.com, who also report on a breach at Gulf Breeze Family Eyecare, Inc. in the same article.

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