OR: Hundreds of personal files dumped at Redmond site

Amy Easley reports:

Dozens of boxes containing personal information, from bills to bank statements, were discovered at the Negus Transfer Station in Redmond Saturday morning.

Joe, a Crooked River Ranch resident, said Monday he came across the files while he was unloading his recyclables.

“I started looking at the files, and there was probably a case with about 100 files in it with people’s names, Social Security numbers,” he said.

Among the files Joe found were papers from banks, and bills from an electric company. A victim of identity theft himself, Joe said he couldn’t believe a business wouldn’t shred the files before throwing them out.


It is not clear if one or more, even dozens of individual businesses improperly disposed of the files, or if they hired an outside company to shred it for example, and that company did not hold up its end of the bargain.

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