Oral Argument in LabMD Case to Test FTC’s Enforcement Authority

Jimmy H. Koo reports:

The Federal Trade Commission will have an opportunity to justify its data security enforcement authority when oral argument in LabMD Inc. v. FTC starts June 21 before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, attorneys told Bloomberg BNA.

One of the critical issues likely to emerge in the case is what level of harm is required for the FTC—the nation’s main data security and privacy enforcement agency—to act, attorneys said.

Read more on Bloomberg BNA.

This is one case to pay keen attention to, as the outcome is likely to have significant impact on FTC’s data security enforcement – assuming, of course, that the current administration doesn’t just erode that totally to protect its big business buddies at the expense of consumers.

Oh, was that an opinion on my part? Oops?

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