Orange Cyberdefense investigating claims of compromise

Some hacks may be more embarrassing than others. Orange Cyberdefense is checking its own servers for signs of a breach after a post on a popular forum offered data allegedly from their firm.

Listing on forum provided some data and a link to a paste site where more data could be found. Redacted by

Data in the sample included Contact Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, and Solution Name. Data on the linked paste site contained more records, presumably from Orange Cyberdefense.

The listing also offered to sell access to Orange Cyberdefense’s servers. One established forum member with a positive reputation already replied that they would buy the access.

DataBreaches contacted Orange Cyberdefense yesterday about the listing and received the following statement this morning:

Orange Cyberdefense confirms the publication of a file containing personal relating to a few hundred French customers of the Micro-SOC service. All the teams are fully mobilized. Investigations are underway and all necessary measures have been taken to notify the customers concerned as well as the authorities. At this stage we have no further comments.

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