Ore. ID thief gets 13 years prison

I usually cover arrests and convictions in Bits ‘n Pieces entries, but an Associated Press story on the sentencing of Stephen Rowell for mail/identity theft has some unusual details, apparently including the fact that Rowell has written songs about the fun of being an ID thief.

Rowell was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and this was not his first conviction. He was reportedly first found guilty of ID theft while still a teenager and has reportedly been convicted a dozen more times of ID or mail theft. So what is the justice system to do with a repeat ID thief other than a long sentence?

At his sentencing, Rowell reportedly declined to speak to or sing to the judge. According to reporter Aimee Green, however, Rowell did have a few words for the prosecutor as he was escorted from the courtroom after sentencing: “I’ll see your punk . . . when I get out.”

Maybe he should have sung, “I Dreamed a Dream.”

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