orionshunter continues to hack Indian sites, 16 sites defaced

content/images/gallery/random3/3xp1r3-cyber-army.png A hacker, orionshunter who is apart of 3xp1r3 cyber army, who pretty much only does defacing and has been a main part of the on going cyber war between Bangladesh and India has hacked and defaced yet another lot of sites. The defacing which features a couple of images, lots of links and shout outs also contains the below message.

Now you are talking about Shit and General Mass killing there !!! Why don’t you just look at your self ? see what the hell you did in Bangladesh at Border and other Countries ?I’m against that mother fucker called BSF , and i’m against you too, ICA, remember that your father/family is one of us.-=::Special Fuck::=-All Lamers(Fuck U! TGH,BSF BladeBusterd-&-INDISHELL)

The defacing has seen a further 16 sites defaced, all of which have the .in domain. 1. https://ecolearning.in/
2. https://meducation.syscotech.in/
3. https://testguide.in/
4. https://syscotech.in/
5. https://sociallearning.in/orions.htm
6. https://snapstar.in/orions.htm
7. https://ecolearning.in/
8. https://testguide.in/
9. https://syscotech.in/
10. https://snapstar.in/orions.htm
11. https://sociallearning.in/orions.htm
12. https://healthylogs.in/orions.htm
13. https://development.syscotech.in/orions.htm
14. https://development.snapstar.in/orions.htm
15. https://development.testguide.in/orions.htm
16. https://meducation.syscotech.in/ https://pastebin.com/zU9uzieB

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