Orlando Health employee went through personal information of Pulse survivors, hospital says

WFTV reports:

Orlando Health employees said at least one of its employees broke the rules and went through the personal information of Pulse survivors.

Ilka Reyes, 29, was shot nine times at the nightclub on June 12.

Reyes said she still doesn’t understand how the breach happened and was shocked to get the letter from the hospital.

The letter said that three days after she was admitted, a hospital worker got into her hospital records, bringing back the fear she’s trying to get over.

Read more on WFTV, where they also reproduce a copy of Orlando Health’s notification letter to patients.

The number of patients affected was not disclosed, but at the time of the incident, news outlets reported that 35 patients were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. A recent update from the center says that a total of 44 victims from the incident had been treated at the center.

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