Other new HHS revelations on breaches

An update to HHS’s web site this morning includes some recent breaches we already knew about from other sources,  but it but also includes a few breaches we didn’t know about or additional information on other breaches. In addition to the Wright State Physicians incident, reported in another post:

Beauty Dental, Inc. in Illinois reported that 657 people were affected by a “theft, loss”  incident involving paper records that occurred on June 5. I do not see any notice on their web site at the time of this posting, so it’s not clear what the incident involved or what types of information were involved.

The Walsh Pharmacy/McKesson Pharmacy Systems incident previously reported on this site affected a total of 11, 440 individuals.

Humana Inc. reported an incident involving their business associate, Matrix Imaging, that also involved paper records. The June 25th incident, which does not appear to be on Humana’s web site at the time of this posting, affected 2, 631 individuals.

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