‘Our data is secure’: Bukalapak denies reports of user data breach

Eisya A. Eloksari reports:

Homegrown e-commerce platform Bukapalak has denied reports that the data of millions of its users were compromised and sold on the dark web, only days after e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia was reported to have faced an internal system breach.

The personal data of around 13 million Bukalapak users, including usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords, are being sold for an undisclosed price on data-exchange platform RaidForum.

“After an internal investigation, we found that the reports currently circulating were sourced from a data breach attempt last year. There have been no new incidents,” Bukalapak corporate communication head Intan Wibisono told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

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So it appears that they are denying there’s been a breach, but are really only denying that there’s been a new breach apart from a breach (attempt) last year.

In March 2019, the firm had acknowledged what they described as an attempted breach by hackers believed to be GnosticPlayers. At that time, their corporate communications Head Intan Wibisono confirmed the rumor of a hacking attempt but assured customers that their data was safe from any form of breach:

“There was an attempted hack on Bukalapak a while ago. But there were no essential data that were stolen such as passwords, personal or financial information,” said Intan on Monday, March 18.

Although the data were first listed on RaidForums on May 4 by a user calling themself “STARTEXMISLEAD,” a May 8 listing on RaidForums by a new account called “Megadimarus” lists the database this way:

Date: February 2018
Users: 13 million
Data: Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Usernames, Dates of birth, Geographic locations, Website activity, Passwords
Passwords: SHA-512/BCRYPT
Cracked: 0.3 million Email : Password

That description does not match the firm’s claim of no personal information. Here is a sample record included in the listing (redacted by Databreaches.net):

43889622,[redacted username]@hotmail.com,[redacted  name],$2a$10$G9WV392ofs9mgW5mqeAVzeuKNDTsOqwI/q.8wieE9XQzNNhqyxkMy,DNtyqDSEplPOgorlbmb,cfb8a9da6e80ce2fe919ca6121e9f7aab7f5211a48d411786edde460b71a885ee832c57e78cebc52b1ce89d18b43125bcc7a2f6a7874a34e2eeb690c6faf7ef9,KyF0RLggGNQ74m6k20s,O9cNsxpwsxq8vqvOZZ3J,1,1,0,0,,,2017-09-17 13:05:49,,,,2017-09-17 13:04:59,2017-09-23 05:29:51,,0,0,0,0,,,628119668328,[redacted],,,,8Tr7NZy4XmI6G9Zu74HP,0,0,,,,,0,STANDARD,,,42042667,1,,,0,628119668328,,2017-09-17 13:18:55,,0

I am not seeing all the fields in there that the listing mentions, but perhaps there are other tables. In any event, it would be helpful for the firm to address what the sample does reveal.

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