OutdoorNetwork notifying customers that malware may have snagged their credit card info (update2)

Outdoor Network LLC in Hollywood, Florida is notifying customers who engaged in credit card transactions between December 2012 and July 2013 that their personal information may have been exfiltrated to unauthorized third parties.

In a letter dated September 11, Martin Polo, the firm’s CEO, writes that they recently learned of a breach affecting their boats.net and partzilla.com web sites.  Malware was reportedly inserted into the sites’ shopping carts.

The malware may have collected customers’ names, addresses, credit card numbers, card expiration dates and card security codes (CVV or CVC code).

The firm hired ConsumerInfo.com, Inc.,  “to provide certain notification and call center related services.” ConsumerInfo.com provides free credit reports and credit monitoring services.

The notice to consumers, a copy of which was posted on the California Attorney General’s web site, does not provide any information as to what steps ODN is taking to prevent a recurrence of a similar breach.  Nor does it indicate whether they are aware of any reports that the customer data may have been misused or how they discovered the breach.

This might be a good time to remind you that you  see all these nifty-looking seals on a web site and still have your data stolen:

Update: The breach affected 600 New Hampshire residents, but we do not yet have the total number nationwide.

Update 2: The breach affected 1800 Maryland residents. Still no total number nationwide.

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