Outsider Hacks Dominated 2011 Security Breaches

Kelly Jackson Higgins reports from RSA:

More than 85% of the data breach incident response cases investigated by Verizon Business last year originated from a hack, and more than 90% of them came from the outside rather than via a malicious insider or business partner.

Tuesday, Verizon published a snapshot of data from its upcoming 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, using data from its own caseload of some 90 of its 855 breach cases for last year.

“This is the first year that we worked more cases outside the U.S. than inside. That ratio has been building and it makes the case that this is not a U.S.-specific problem. All regions are having data breaches,” said Wade Baker, director of research and intelligence at Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

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No surprises there if you’ve been following this blog or DataLossDB.org. It would be nice to consolidate their database with DLDB’s, though, to provide one more complete database. I suspect each database has breaches the other one doesn’t have.

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