Over 2,100 servers in Malaysia hacked

Nicholas Cheng reports:

Malaysia’s national cybersecurity agency said it detected intrusions in several local servers for years and issued advisories to victims but ignorance was still making them easy targets for hackers.

It was found that over 2,100 servers have been compromised and their access sold to hackers for as low as RM29 (US$6) up to RM24,600 (US$6,000) on an underground cybercrime shopping website, xDedic, the “eBay of cybercrime” where hackers shop access and passwords for infiltrated servers worldwide for criminals to buy.

These servers belong to government agencies, banks, universities and businesses, said computer security company Kaspersky Lab, which unearthed the market.

Read more on The Star Online.  Kaspersky Lab’s press release on their findings can be found here.

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