Over 267 million Facebook users had their names, phone numbers, and profiles exposed thanks to a public database, researcher says

Kevin Webb reports:

Cybersecurity researchers said on Thursday that more than 267 million Facebook users had their personal data exposed in an online database that collected their names, Facebook IDs, and phone numbers. The database was available online without a password to anyone who accessed it for about two weeks, according to Comparitech, a tech website, and Bob Diachenko, a data-security researcher.

Diachenko said that 267,140,436 records were exposed and that most of the people affected are from the United States.

Read more on Business Insider.

Often you read that there is no indication that anyone accessed an exposed database, but in this case, the researchers first became aware of the database when it showed up on a hackers’ forum. That means that yes, if you have a facebook account, you should change your password and not to one you have used anywhere else.

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