Over 5 million Social Security numbers exposed in Kansas breach: report

Morgan Chalfant reports:

A breach of a Kansas Department of Commerce system exposed more than 5 million Social Security numbers to hackers, according to a report from a local news outlet.

The Kansas News Service obtained information through a public records request that revealed that roughly 5.5 million Social Security numbers from individuals in 10 states were accessed in the data breach in March.

The data is managed by a division of the department called America’s Job Link Alliance-TS that helps job seekers across 16 states find employment.

Read more on The Hill.

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  1. ECA - July 20, 2017

    Who do we call to Sue them??

    • Insurance companies
    • Credit card companies, lenders, and any other company receiving a credit application from you
    • The three main credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian
    • Any company that sells products or services that require notification to the IRS, including investment advisors; banks; real estate purchases; financial transactions over $10,000, such as automobile purchases; and other financial transactions

    THAT is all that can ASK for a SS card…If you are not an employer or Gov agency…THEY DONT NEED IT.. And all you need to do is Tell them they dont need it according to FEDERAL LAW…and if nothing else…FAKE IT..
    The not ABOVE shows this is ONLY a Job locator, NOT an employer..

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