PA: Ambulance records dumped

Tom Ragan reports:

Boxes and file folders containing hundreds of sheets with personal information of employees and former patients of the Hazleton Community Ambulance Association were tossed in a city dumpster at the South Side Fire Station on Saturday.


Several boxes and folders contained trip sheets for ambulance calls, including information on each patient.

Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, birth dates and medical history descriptions of the patients were on the sheets.

Also, employee payroll records that included time cards, personal payroll information and salary records were among the disposed paperwork.

The ambulance association has been inactive for several years.

Joseph Kotansky, one of its officers, said Saturday evening he used “poor judgement” when he put the boxes and files in the dumpster, thinking it was an obscure dumpster that few people paid any attention to.

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