PA: Arrest in student hacking case

There’s an update to a case involving a student in the Hazleton Area School District, Pennsylvania who allegedly attempted to hack the district. WBRE reports that there has now been an arrest in the case, but from what I’m reading, the person arrested has not been charged with hacking, even though the headline says the hacker was arrested:

Investigators tell the I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick that 18 year old Louis Biaz  from Hazleton intimidated witnesses in the case.

Biaz was arrested at the Hazleton Career Center Thursday morning.

Detectives say he had been questioned in connection with the hacking case.

He then allegedly threatened other students who were also under investigation.

This all has to do with information that was hacked from the school district’s cafeteria program.

School officials say a student –who has not yet been identified – gained access to personal information of some 10,000 students as well as teachers.

What the hack is going on with this case? I think we have missed some interim reports, as the news station says they’ve been reporting on this since last November, but we first became aware of it in May, and those reports mentioned that it had occurred several months earlier. And another one of their reports claimed that “The student was suspended for 10 years and has since been allowed to return to school.” Say what?

If anyone sees any other reporting on this one, please let me know.

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