PA: Data Security Breach at Lewisburg Area School District

Nikki Krize reports:

Lewisburg Area School District officials discovered this week that someone got into a data file with all that private information about students.

Buffalo Valley Regional Police say there is a suspect and he is a student in the Lewisburg Area School District. District officials would not confirm if the student has been suspended. But the superintendent says the suspect no longer has access to school computers or to the school network.

Parents with children in the Lewisburg Area School District learned this week there was a significant computer security breach within the district. School officials say an internal file was accessed earlier this month, and students’ addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers were accessed.

“Well it was alarming to see that there was a security breach,” Trey Casimir said.

The superintendent said there are close to 2,000 students in the Lewisburg Area School District and 2/3 of those students had their information compromised. That’s more than 1,300 students.

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