PA: HASD student tried to hack district’s system

A Hazleton Area Career Center student was disciplined for attempting to hack into the district’s computer system, the district’s top administrator said.

State police and school district officials are investigating an incident involving a student who acquired a wireless key, or code for accessing Hazleton Area’s computer system, Superintendent Dr. Craig Butler said.

The system was not breached, he said.

Read more on Standard Speaker. Here’s the part that gave me a chuckle:

Officials searched the phone with the student’s permission and “found some suspicious activity unrelated to the school,” Butler said.

School officials discovered that the student associated himself with a group known as “Anonymous,” Butler said. The superintendent said he’s not familiar with the group, other than knowing “they are not a well-intending group.”

Let’s review: school districts all over the country are monitoring students’ online activities supposedly to keep them all safe, and this superintendent says he’s not familiar with Anonymous, but knows “they are not a well-intending group.” Uh huh.

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