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A Chester County judge on Tuesday “reluctantly” agreed to sentence a former Chester County Hospital employee to a term in county prison for stealing the identities of dozens of former patients and using them to order items over the Internet.

Judge James P. MacElree II peppered the prosecutor and defense attorney with questions about why he should allow Adam V. Corbett to serve his prison term at the Chester County Prison rather than in a state correctional institution.

MacElree expressed hesitation because of the number of instances that Corbett had ordered items using other people’s identities and because his scheme led him to those people’s homes to recover the goods.


Corbett also paid $6,046 in restitution to Circuit City, Best Buy and, the Internet businesses from which he made his fraudulent orders. Cox-Shaw said the people whose credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, names and addresses he stole did not suffer any damage to their credit status because of the thefts.


Under questioning, Corbett admitted his scheme. He told police he had started getting personal information from patients at Chester County Hospital, where he worked as a medical billing clerk, and also from customers at a Pizza Hut where he worked. When police searched his home, Cox-Shaw said, they found identification information for about 150 people.


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