PA: Local Doctor Sues After Electronic Billing Co. Loses Data (Updated)

Marty Griffin reports:

Dr. Bhola Roy is a board certified internist.

These days he spends hour after hour on his computer, ordered by Medicare to file all of his records electronically.

“Medicare is mandating to us, we have to use electronic health records,” he said.

That mandate went horribly wrong, when in a lawsuit, Dr. Roy claims a local medical milling (sic) company lost thousands of his records.

“And it is all lost,” he said.

The company, Medical Services Associates of Pittsburgh, offers complete medical billing services.

Internal MSA documents indicate “We experienced a significant problem with our computer system during a software maintenance function.”

The document also states, “Internal back-up functions were not operating as reported.”


In the video clip of the news segment, it indicates that the incident occurred two years ago.

Read more on CBS Pittsburgh.

Update: dug into this case and provides some fascinating details in this blog post.

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