PA: Patient info taken from Mountaintop Area Medical Center

Charlotte Ames reports:

Patients of a medical center in the region may have had their personal information compromised. In a statement, Mountaintop Area Medical Center in Snowshoe, Centre County said it became aware on May 24 that a former employee likely removed one of its patient listings.


Statement from their web site:

Dear Patients of Mountaintop Area Medical Center:

Here at Mountaintop Area Medical Center affiliate of Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc., we understand that personal information is important, and we are committed to protecting information entrusted to our care. This commitment includes notifying individuals if we believe that the security or privacy of their information may have been compromised. We regret to inform you that a recent incident may have exposed your personal information to an unintended audience.

On May 24, 2016, we became aware that a former employee likely removed one of our patient listings from our Mountaintop Area Medical Center. This patient listing included demographic information such as name, address, date of birth, name of provider and health insurance information.

We are keenly aware of how important your personal information is to you. As a measure of added security for any affected patients, we are offering one year of credit monitoring and reporting services at no cost to you. This service is performed through an organization determined by Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. that watches for and reports to you unusual credit activity, such as creating new accounts in your name. This organization will also request that the three credit bureaus place a “Fraud Alert” on your credit report. If you would like to receive this service, please call 1(800)750-8893 by August 30th, 2016.

We understand that this poses an inconvenience to you. We sincerely apologize and regret that this situation has occurred. Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. is committed to providing quality care, including protecting your personal informal information, and we want to assure you that we have policies and procedures to protect your privacy.

In addition to the foregoing service offered to lessen the effect of the breach or potential breach, we are conducting a thorough investigation and will hold those accountable.

Board of Directors, Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc.

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