PA: Security breach exposes student data

Jason A. Kahl reports:

The personal information of all students in the Fleetwood School District was stolen and posted online, district officials and Fleetwood police said Wednesday.

The security breach was discovered by parents of students in the district who notified school officials Tuesday. The school contacted borough police and the website, Wikispaces, where it was posted, and had it taken down within hours, Dr. Paul B. Eaken, superintendent, said Wednesday night.

The stolen information included the name, date of birth, school identification number, address, parents’ names, teacher’s name and grade level of each of the approximately 2,700 students from kindergarten through 12th grade, Eaken said.

He said the information came from a digital spreadsheet file stored in the administrative section of the district.

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Hopefully their ID number isn’t their SSN.

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