PA: Some Easton Hospital patients may get compensated for data breach

Anthony Salamone reports an  update to a 2014 breach:

An unspecified number of Easton Hospital patients whose data were stolen by hackers in 2014 might be eligible for some compensatation.

How much? It depends.

Lehigh Valley residents have begun receiving notices about a court settlement involving Easton Hospital’s former owner, Community Health Systems, over the breach, which occurred in April and June 2014.

Read more on The Morning Call,  but first take  a guess: how much do you think the compensation will be?




Spoiler alert:

Keeping in mind that the court hasn’t approved the settlement yet, it would be:

Up to $250 for out-of-pocket expenses and documented time lost from the breach; or up to $5,000 for losses due to identify fraud or identity theft from the cyberattack.

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