notifying customers of payment card breach

From the we-have-no-idea-what-happened dept.:

If you used a payment card on, check your mail for a notification letter. It seems the FBI notified the Frank J. Martin Company that payment card data submitted between June 3 and August 26th may have been accessed without authorization, along with customers’ name, postal and email addresses, and telephone number.

“We do not know how the information was accessed, nor do we know who accessed it,” writes CEO Jerry E. Martin, and the firm is not aware of any cases of fraud linked to the breach.

“We have since implemented measures to prevent similar attempts in the future,” Martin also writes.

(How can you prevent similar attempts if you say you don’t know how the data were accessed? Could an employee’s login credentials have been phished? Was it a hack? How do you know your measures are responsive to this breach?)

Customers were advised to change their passwords for their online accounts with the site and to monitor their financial statements.


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