Pak Cyber Combat Squad Aim’s Defacements at NATO

content/images/gallery/random2/compromised-by-pccs-unknown-krayzie.png Just like the most recent post about ZHC, PCCS or Pak cyber Combat Squad has been hacking a bunch of sites with a clear messaged aimed at NATO.

The message  We can see that you are trying to free us from the tyrannical regime of dictators where we have freedom, and are replacing it with a so called democracy where the political parties are just legalized form of street gangs, You killed our children in the name of revolution, You bombed and destroyed our homes in the name of collateral damage and left many of us disabled. Your soldiers raped our sisters and ruined their life and Ann Coulter says it was worth it.. However, all your efforts failed to bring us freedom, ofcourse because we didn’t cooperated enough despite keeping our country’s security and integrity at stake.. Now you see we are very ungrateful people who condemn the people trying to free us, we think you have pretty much reason to get the hell out of our countries or InshAllah we will make you !

See the mirror list of defaced sites.

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