Pakistan embassy in China website hacked and defaced by Vicky Singh

Recently a crew going by the name of ZHC done a fair few defacings and it has pissed of a bunch of Indians now and they want to get a message out to them to warn them of any further attacks. This is the type of stuff that starts of small but ends up dragging on for years. In the defacing is a note which reads

your site is not hacked for just fun it is hacked coz of reason. This IS IN RESPOND TO THOSE SITES WHICH ARE HACKED BY ZHC HCF WARNED U NOT TO MESS WITH INDIANS — We Dont Want Cyber War — ——— India Always Wants Peace Dont Mess With Us ———– ——— ZHC DONT HIDE YOUR CRIME BEHIND KASHMIR TALKS ———– ——— INDIA WRK HARD FOR KASHMIR ITS OUR PERSONAL MATTER DONT INTERFARE IN IT ———– > ——— AND Shutt Your Mouth Porkis ———< > ——— Feel The Power Of Indian Hacker Notes: You can drag all of the windows Song: 50cent – Officier Down"


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