Pakistan Human Development Foundation hacked and defaced

content/images/gallery/random2/hacked-by-indishell_0.png Pakistan Human Development Foundation has been hacked and defaced along with a bunch of other site. The attack comes from Ashell of indishell as part of the on going cyber war between India and Pakistan hackers. Couple of weeks ago we also reported that a huge amount of sites got defaced by the same crew as well for the on going cyber war. List of sites Message from Ashell

~Ashell I only hack high Profile…. Dnt waste on hacking lame sites Message: – hey porkis we make ur life a living hell.. Xtremist hacking 80 indian site lol dancing ha ha ha ha ha so what??u want cyber war? u dickhead ..pack ur little circus and leave looser!!! u people hack innocent sites and u say its big shit?? ahahha show that fucking trick to ur fucking friends u looser nxt time come prepared if u wana fight with us.. remember we r TEAM ICA-INDISHELL GREETZ:LUCKY,SILENTPOISON,DARKWOLF,ATUL,INXROOT,COOLTOAD,ROOTDEVIL, ZooZoo,ETHICALNOOB,EXESOUL,RAMANKUMAR, AND ALL INDISHELL-ICA MEMBERS AND PATRIOTIC INDIANS…PEACE…

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