Pakistan’ Real Estate Giant Hacked, Entire Database Leaked

Waqas writes:

A Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Tiger Mate has hacked and defaced one of Pakistan’s largest real estate websites That’s not all, the hacker has also leaked the site’s entire database online for public access.

The hacker left a deface with a note stating ”hacked by Tiger Mate,” his Twitter handle and download link for’s entire source code and user database. The leaked database contains usernames, email address, md5 encrypted passwords, personal phone numbers and other related personal details of the registered users.

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This does not appear to be politically motivated, but rather to make a point to Zameen about the need to secure their site.  ProPakistani reports:

In a an electronic communication with ProPakistani, “Tiger Mate” said that was warned about the security vulnerability by a fellow hacker a few days ago but Zameen didn’t take the warnings seriously and instead abused the vulnerability reporter.

“Tiger Mate” said that its about time that companies like should start taking their security seriously. has been restored as of now but hacker claims to still have the access to the website., in response to a ProPakistani query confirmed the attack and termed it a very obvious but futile effort to sully the brand perception among Pakistanis.

Well, yes, it does seem to be an attack designed to embarrass them publicly into taking data security more seriously, and although Tiger Mate subsequently deleted the database, it is not known to how many people may have downloaded it already. The question is whether Zameen has now addressed the security hole that permitted the attack or not.


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