Palestine ISP PALNET Hacked, client account and payment details leaked

palnet The on going war between Israel and Palestine has seen many attacks from hackers around the world who have mainly been targeting Israeli based websites. A hacker who uses the handle yourikan has leaked a complete database from a isp PALNET ( which is said to be one of the largest in Palestine. The leak has been posted to pastebin and anonfiles and contains a fair few credit card details and full personal address’s, numbers, names and more. The leak file is a compressed 132kb file that contains a bunch of XML files from the database extraction. The hacker yourikan has given us a reason for the attack which is below.

this is in react of the latest terror from pa Palestine n the missiles against Israel and the cyber war against us say no to Palestine! say no to terror!

So the leak is one of the first large attacks back at Palestine this week in what has been a true cyber war and is starting to show no near end.

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