Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Breached, Confidential Documents Leaked

Earlier today i was tipped off to a leak of documents that has come from the Palestine government who has apparently been breached by anonymous hackers as part of a upcoming big release. The document leak appears to of been announced over at [Cyber Guerrilla]( and was posted in the earlier hours of today as a teaser release from a bigger leak that is set to come and the leak was uploaded to anon files in a 167mb compressed rar file that contains a folder named **AZPSMOFAGOV01** which contains 151 files of which 7 are document files, 92 are PDF and the rest are a variety of images, some of which are screenshots of the content in the pdfs. The post on contains the following targets and message which details who the leaked data has come from and what is expected to come from the hackers in coming time. **Message:**
> Good Day Fellow Luulz!As part of our Sail into MidEast seas of blood and violence, we introduce today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PALESTINE –

This is just a snippet of what will be released soon over our fellow friends at Par:Anoia, soon we deliver a load of over 1Gb of dox from Palestine organizations *and government offices worldwide including Hanoi – Vietnam and Moscow – Russia. *…Yah and Why? just for Luulz

Inside is a load of dox from:– Embassy of Palestine in Azerbaijan and Ukraine

  • Al Husseini Brigades
  • President Office
  • Palestine Liberation Organization
  • Palestine National Fund
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine (current leaked)

Preview full leak contents in file format.12 The leak needs some going over for now to define exactly what is in it but it comes from the Palestine ministry of foreign affairs ( and the contents it appears to be related to the attacks in Palestine and Israel at the end of 2012. So far from what i have found the documents contain images of vehicles used, passports of unknown people, personal documents and private/confidential documents as well as news updates and reports or Intel reports. a lot of it is in Arabic and will  need to be translated to fully understand its contents. Over the coming days i will try and get a full report together if i can get these documents translated correctly. Links and information: Preview on imgur: Documents: Source:

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