Panda Security Greece Hacked, Defaced by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

panda_logo Hackers from the collective Turkish Ajan Hacker Group have managed to breach one of the giants in web security software, panda security  the attack comes from two members using the handles qoestebek & Renas1. The breach is on the main Greece based website ( ) for panda as well as its software domain which now redirects to its main domain  ( ). At time of publishing the sites had been restored as this attack happened a few days ago. Mirrors for the defacement’s can be found on Zone-H. zonehmirrors-net-defaced-2012-12-16-pandasoftware-gr-xx-html Its not the first time panda has been hacked either, with previous data leaks, defacements and tango downs on many different servers over the past year and even back in 2011. See here. All other articles on Turkish Ajan Hacker Group.

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