Panda security Hacked, Data leaked By LulzSecMx

@LulzSecMx have just announced that they have hacked one of the biggest and most well known anti virus and anti mal ware software providers, panda security, The attack has been announced all over social media and has been aimed at pandas main servers with the hackers now claiming that panda was being paid to do work for/with police.

LulzSec México ‏@LulzSecMx #PandaSecurity #Hacked #DataDump By @LulzSecMx #LulzSecIsBackRT! (Actualizado)

Translated message from the release file, original Spanish.

Hello friends!, best known for its antivirus shit we have a message for you: D We entered through the back door, they have earned money by working with police to be on the lookout and inform activists, your page as your antivirus is bullshit! Hacked: D

The hack has resulted in a servers complete user data and network information being leaked via pastebin, all together we found just over 100 accounts with emails, usernames and passwords, this includes system accounts.

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