Pap smears, STIs and flu: What the N.W.T. gov’t didn’t tell you about a stolen laptop (Part 1)

Priscilla Hwang provides a troubling update on a stolen laptop incident disclosed last year.

This story is Part 1 of 3 on the stolen laptop files. Part 2 is scheduled for Tuesday and Part 3 will publish next week.

The number of people whose personal health information was put at risk after a laptop was stolen last year is much higher than the N.W.T. government initially reported, and the data breach affects people from every province and territory in Canada, according to internal documents obtained by CBC News.

Last May, a laptop belonging to an employee with the territory’s Department of Health and Social Services was stolen from a locked vehicle during a business trip in Ottawa. The laptop — used to do statistical analysis — was unencrypted but had a strong password, the Health Department said in announcing the breach last summer.

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Would this be an okay time to point out that back in 2018,  I had commented:

The fact that we’re hearing the old “strong password” and “no evidence to believe” lines in 2018 instead of, “Okay, this absolutely should not have happened this way and heads are rolling as you read this” is not encouraging.

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