Partial data leaked by @AnonOpsRomania that expose Romanian Spies

As promised @AnonOpsRomania has leaked some data that  expose’s at least one spy so far and they have made further threats to leak the rest if needed. The rest of the data is said to contain a confirmed 600 spy details and a further couple thousand that have been put on relief. The leaked data is more in the form of doxing with lots of personal information being leaked about a so called spy going by the name Mihai Razvan Ungureanu. It also lists a lot of agency’s that do spy work such as "SRI, SIE, SPP, STS, The National Defense of General Information, which has two structures, DGIPI and DGIA" The leak announcement was made via  twitter once again. content/images/gallery/random3/twitter-anonopsromania-were-one-goddamn-minute-la.png The leaked data also contains lots of other information behind this operation and about the doings of these so called spies.

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