Pastebin tells attackers to LEAVE US ALONE YOU FOOL!

Pastebin, an awesome website that thousands of people use every day, every minute there is more and more paste’s and content ranges from program coding to personal information and leaks. From this, paste bin has grown to be loved by many and hated by very few, and it seems that these very few are doing something about the hate they have for pastebin. Now while its clear they do not like the content that is on paste bin, but if you read paste bins TOS u will find they are not liable for any content on the site as it is all user submitted, much like our site but we link to user submitted contents etc… Recently these attackers have been doing DDoS attacks on pastebin and bragging about it on twitter*,@pastebin Hay fucktards You may of bocked my ip But that can’t Stop me from ddosing you Again. And changing my Ip, come the fuck at me.* The attacks seem to be coming from @Anonymouuuuse and have been going on for some time now, and there has also been this message left on pastebin for pastebin.

Pastebin,```` As you have seen these Attacks have been ongoing and peoples ox have still Been purposely Added, warned you Didn't I? i will continue my Attacks shortly if you want to be kept down long I can o that :D.```UE`

This shows that everyone and anyone is a target for rouge attackers, with pastebin being a very well known website this one will for annoy more hackers who do not like the fact the pastebin was attacked. In the most recent tweet from pastebin, they tell the attackers to "leave us alone u fool" aswell as posting an ip.

@Anonymouuuuse This is our DDOS attacker… and his IP: – LEAVE US ALONE YOU FOOL!

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