Patient records should not have been sold, NHS admits

Kudos to reporter Laura Donnelly, who has been all over this breach and scandal:

Medical records should not have been sold to the insurance industry, the new body in charge of NHS patient data has declared.

The Telegraph disclosed that 13 years of hospital data – covering 47 million patients – was sold by the NHS for insurance purposes.


Last night a spokeswoman for the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), which is now in charge of NHS data, said its predecessor body was wrong to sell the information to the insurance industry.

The £2,220 purchase in 2012 was made by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries – a professional body for professionals who work for insurance and investment companies. It was then handed to another society for actuaries, which published guidance on how to “refine” critical illness cover.

Read more on The Telegraph.

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