PayPal executives’ contact information posted on Pastebin

In what looks to be the first of a number of “name and shame” postings, an individual or individuals posting as “PAYFAIL” have uploaded some personal information on dozens of former and current PayPal executives.

In the press release, PayFail writes:

In the wake of major corporations trying to silence the voices of those who dare stand up against the status quo. The privileged few who stand behind the curtains controlling all aspects of these corporate giants usually hide behind a cloak of anonymity never to hold personal accountability for any action approved by the stroke of their pen. Well, their days of hiding behind the scenes is ending. It is time to put a face to the names along with all the personal information that could be found. They must be reminded they are just as vulnerable as those millions of people they destroy. The people will know where you eat and sleep.

The first of the dumps of executive information is of PayPal. After their action against WikiLeaks, and using their corporate sway to persuade law enforcement to hunt down those who merely attacked their website; it is time for those at the top of PayPal to have the masks pulled from their faces.

The data do not appear particularly sensitive, consisting mainly of pictures that would have been found in any public search, names, job titles, addresses, and phone numbers or email addresses. Not all of the data are even current and most of the e-mail addresses appear to be their PayPal domain e-mail addresses.   In other words, most, if not all of the data appear to be easily obtainable via a public records search and no hacking seemed to be involved.

Other companies named in the press release whose executives are targeted for future postings include Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank.

The group also threatens to expose those who use excessive force against Occupy protestors. They write, “The first step towards accountability is to oust those making the decisions behind the curtains.”

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