Payroll service mistakenly ships packages with W-2 records to wrong address — twice

It’s worrying that once again, criminals are successfully tricking employees into emailing employees’ W-2 data to them. But how about when a company just mails out W-2’s to the wrong address – and not once, but twice?

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Paychex, a payroll service,  has twice shipped scores of confidential salary records and other documents to the wrong address.

First, the firm reportedly delivered more than 60 federal W-2 forms and other tax records issued by Claremont Rug Company in Oakland to a San Diego woman whose daughter briefly worked for the company last year. Paychex returned her call alerting them, but it seems that they didn’t really follow up diligently.

Ten days later, the paper reports, a second package was delivered to the same woman. It also contained tax records.

Read more on the San Diego Union-Tribune.


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