Paytime, Inc. breach affected over 216,000

One day, businesses will heed my sage advice not to stay in the news cycle by letting details dribble out piecemeal. Today is not the day, however, so thankfully, idRADAR did some digging and has found out that over 215,000 were affected by the Paytime, Inc. breach covered previously on this blog. Jeanne Price reports:

News that Hanover Foods was a PayTime client first surfaced in comments posted on, a website dedicated to documenting the history of breach around the globe. A man identified as Luke shared this comment: “I worked for a subsidiary of Hanover Foods (Spring Glen Fresh Foods in Ephrata, PA.) and just got a letter from Paytime stating all of my personal data including SS#, banking info, D.O.B., home address and wage info was compromised during this incident. Just checked with 2 friends who worked there at the same time and they got the same letter.”

idRADAR News also obtained documents from North Carolina indicating that 5,867 employees Hanover had been impacted. That figure is included in the 216,274 nationwide breach total.

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