PC Giant GIGABYTE Hacked, Defaced & Data leaked

Gigabye Turkish Ajan hacker group hacker Maxney has today announced another big leak from another high profile target. This time they has taken sights to well known computer parts manufacturer Gigabyte and as a result they now have 4 defaced subdomains and a leak of data floating online. hacked-by-turkish-agent The attack was announced over the official turkish ajan hacker groups twitter only a short time ago. > Gigabyte Hacked ! zone: goo.gl/UAbktfile: goo.gl/PbcuI #hack #news #gigabyte @cyber_war_news twitter.com/TurkishAjan/st… — TurkishAjan Official (@TurkishAjan) April 12, 2013

Subdomains 1. https://nbstk.gigabyte.com/ –archive
2. https://gcenter.gigabyte.com/ – archive
3. https://peripheral.psn.gigabyte.com – archive
4. https://websys.gigabyte.com/ archive

The leaked data has been uploaded to speedyshare and is a 10MB compressed file of information from the gigabyte servers which appears to contain credentials for user accounts, internal documents and information. capture At time of publishing all sites appear to still be defaced which is pretty amazing for such a big corporation. In recent times Maxney has been known for large attacks on mcdonalds, panasonic, casio and others.

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