PCI council gives up, dumbs down PCI DSS for small business

Darren Pauli reports:

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has created a taskforce charged with improving security among small businesses.

The prodigious task will be tackled by encouraging small businesses to adopt security best practice and simplified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Barclaycard payment security manager and taskforce chair Phil Jones says the Small Merchant Taskforce will focus on the most vulnerable business vertical.

Read more on The Register.

The headline is somewhat insulting, isn’t it? Some of us have argued for years that the standards weren’t appropriate or helpful for SMBs and that they needed more help than what they have been given. If this new task force really understands what SMBs are dealing with in the way of resources and skills or lack thereof, perhaps it will make a positive impact.

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  1. JJ - May 22, 2015

    “Do you have firewalls and anti-virus?”


    PCI Pass!

    Businesses, large and small, simply need to protect the digital cash to the same extent that they protect the physical cash and most of the compliance problems go away.

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