pcs-consultants.com & englishfootball.com hacked by @ThEhAcKeR12

@ThEhAcKeR12 has been busy, hacking away into pcs-consultants.com and englishfootball.com. Now pcs-consultants.com is a us government contractor, both leaks come in the form of logins/hashed passwords and there is a note in the englishfootball.com saying they had detected the hack. Release notes:

Following is the Data Base of PCS Consultants (USA) (https://pcs-consultants.com). This company is a Government contractor & had worked for many Departments (Check https://pcs-consultants.com/government-contractors.php).

Englishfootball.com release notes:

Following is the Data base of English Football Club (https://www.englishfootball.com). By ThEhAcKeR12 @ThEhAcKeR12 ThEhAcKeR12.blogspot.com P.S. 1)The passwords are in Hash Encryption. 2)Do the changes to the account ASAP cause they had detected the Intrusion, they might block the Login. Enjoy the Mayhem!

Leak1 https://pastebin.com/NhGesqFF leak2: https://pastebin.com/5GErPw3M

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