Pedes Orange County notifying patients after doctor found accessing EMR without authorization

Pedes Orange County, Inc. in California shares their medical facility with another medical group that  conducts surgical procedures. To coordinate, it seems that they share a scheduling tool with other medical professionals in their building.

Somehow – and it’s not yet clear to me how this happened in terms of access controls – a physician from another medical group accessed Pedes’ EMR records database “without permission and disclosed the database materials to their attorney.”

According to their data breach notification, the incident was discovered on November 14 (and they do not explain how they discovered it or when it unauthorized access first began), they we have been working with the unauthorized individual to destroy all patient medical information that was accessed without permission, which for some patients, may have included name, medical diagnosis, medical treatments, dates of medical service, and other treatment related information.

The notification does not indicate how many patients had their information improperly accessed. sent Pedes a few questions through their on-site contact form, but has received no response as yet. This post may be updated as more information becomes available.


Update: This was reported to HHS as impacting 917 patients, but this site still has a number of questions about this incident and hopes Pedes responds.


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