PENNCREST School District dealing with ransomware attack

The home page of the district's site has a pop-up about the internet outage affecting the telephone system with numbers that can be called.
The home page of the district’s website on May 2 has a notice about phone system disruptions.

A May 1 announcement by PENNCREST School District in Pennsylvania begins:

Over the weekend, the PENNCREST School District became aware of a situation, believed to be a ransomware event, which has disrupted certain aspects of our operations. We quickly took steps to implement our Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan. Following our plan, we shut down and disconnected the entire network and technology infrastructure. We are now working diligently with external cybersecurity specialists to conduct a thorough forensic investigation into the nature and scope of the event and to securely restore operations. At this time, we have not identified evidence of any data loss, data access, or data theft as a result of this event.

Read their full notice.

Although their notice does not specifically mention Royal ransomware, the filename of their statement does:

As of publication time, Penncrest does not appear on Royal’s leak site.

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