Pentagon, Mexican Presidents and University’s Hacked By Yei zeta

It would seem that the hacker using the handle Yei zeta has been very busy over the past week or so, coming out of what seems like no where they have started to dump data from server hacks. One of these is a very well known place, the Pentagon’s military based server . The other attacks have been on the Presidents of Mexico website  and also 2 university which are Cambridge CEEDS and also as reported earlier the Ministry of Finance for republic of Trinidad and Tobago. One of the more worrying problem in these attacks is that not so long ago was attacked and now has been re-exploited as explained in the release.

A few days back, Team ITNRA hacker ‘HaxOr’ hacked into the University of Washington using a SQL injection. The SQL injection that was abused was fixed, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t more. Just because someone finds an SQL injection vulnerability in a website doesn’t mean they’re so amazingly good. Anyone can do it, to be quite honest. Just thought I’d share that though.

As well as the above high profile targets, some less well known websites have been attacked and had data leaked as well. one being a musical lyrics website and Pentagon: Mexico Presidants: Cambridge: Washington EDU: Anti-Reggueton

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