Perhaps victims shouldn’t be so quick to claim “no evidence so far…”

In November 2022, Pearland ISD in Texas informed parents and employees about a breach and told them that ongoing investigation so far had shown no evidence that any sensitive information had been accessed by anyone outside of the district.

In June 2023, Pearland sent letters to 55,486 people whose personal information had been accessed or acquired by the unidentified threat actor(s). The information affected may have included name, date of birth, address, and Social Security number.

Now they tell people, “Please note that we have no current evidence to suggest misuse or attempted misuse of personal information involved in the incident,” and that they are notifying people and offering crediting monitoring and identity theft protection services “in an abundance of caution.”

In November, they had no evidence that any sensitive info had been accessed, even though they warned people that the hacker(s) might reach out to people directly. Now they acknowledge access or acquisition but claim no current evidence of misuse.

So what will we find out months now?

Has anyone seen data from Pearland on any leak site or marketplace? If so, please let us know.


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  1. Jay Bunker - June 13, 2023

    To the admin, You always provide great examples and case studies.

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