Personal and health insurance information of most of Panama’s citizenry found in unsecured database

Bob Diachenko reports that he found an unprotected and publicly available Elasticsearch cluster containing what appears to be 3,427,396 records of Panamanian citizens.

Screenshot from unsecured elasticsearch. Credit: SecurityDiscovery.

According to Diachenko, each record in tables labeled “patient” contained the following info:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • national ID number (cedula)
  • medical insurance number (poliza seguro medico)
  • phone
  • email
  • address
  • other info
Screenshot showing data fields in unsecured elasticsearch database. Image credit: SecurityDiscovery.

Some additional details  about what Diachenko found are reported by Sergiu Gatlan on BleepingComputer. From what was reported, it’s fortunate that the exposure was found by a whitehat who reached out to Panama CERT when he was unable to determine who owned the exposed data.

Based on inspection of the screenshots, reached out to Panama’s Ministry of Health to inquire if this was their database.  Healthcare in Panama generally comes from two sources:  publicly managed health insurance and the private sector. The public component provides the health clinics called “Salud,” which have a yellow and green logo.  The first screenshot Diachenko provided refers to yellow and green, which may be a clue that these relate to the government provider and clinics. Then again, it might not be a clue.

This post will be updated if Panama’s government responds to this site’s inquiry.

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