Personal data from Cowboys Casino hack surfaces online

Back in June, 2016, Cowboys Casino announced it was investigating a data breach that impacted employee and corporate data, including customer data. Today, Brodie Thomas reports that personal information acquired by the hackers last year has appeared online.

The anonymous hackers, who released about 484 megabytes of documents online via a torrent site, left a message saying they have only released a small portion of the data they captured.

The information in the data dump includes FINTRAC forms, which contain sensitive information such as birthdates, addresses, workplaces, and driver’s licence numbers.

“The computer security at Cowboys Casino was non-existent and all data was ripe for the taking,” reads the message. “We asked Cowboys Casino to fix the gapping (sic) holes in their system but our request was ignored for over a year.”

Read more on MetroCanada. The hackers are reportedly not publicly demanding any ransom – only that security be improved.

Somehow, I’m not believing this, but I haven’t heard from the hackers involved in the attack, and even when I have heard from hackers involved in the casino hacks, they haven’t necessarily admitted to any ransom or extortion demands.

So just color me skeptical for now.

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