Personal Data of 350,000+ Social Media Influencers and Users Compromised Following Preen.Me Hack

RBS notes:

The personal information of an estimated 100,000+ social media influencers has been compromised and partially leaked, following the breach of social media marketing company, Preen.Me. Furthermore, as a result of this breach, over 250,000 social media users have had their information fully exposed on a deep web hacking forum.

Based in Tel Aviv, Preen.Me is self-described as “a next generation marketing platform” that “generates demand on a massive scale” for participating brands by using beauty-related content creators.

Held Under Ransom

Risk Based Security uncovered the leak on June 6, 2020 when a known threat actor posted on a popular deep web hacking forum that they had compromised Preen.Me’s systems and were holding the personal information of over 100,000 affiliated influencers under ransom.

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