Personal data of 500,000 Nova Poshta clients allegedly leaked to dark web

Kostiantyn Tsentsura reports:

The largest private delivery company in Ukraine, Nova Poshta, has been accused of leaking the personal information of hundreds of thousands of its users to the dark web.


According to Papyshev, the seller is offering two databases: the first has 500,000 records of clients, with their full names, phone numbers, city of residence, passport information and email address, while the second has 18 million records but each with less information – only names and numbers. The seller is charging Hr 1,500 ($55) for a copy of the database with 500,000 clients.

A screenshot taken by cybersecurity consultant Yehor Papyshev shows the database that allegedly was leaked from Nova Poshta. The researcher claims that he was able to validate the accuracy of some of the data he was provided.

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